Trust and Safety

DeFi investing can be high reward, but it comes with very high risk. All tokens experience fast price drops, and some will be scams. You should be open to losing all the money you invest in tokens.

Token Alerts is an information service, not investment advice. All trades are made at your own risk.

Things to understand before using Token Alerts

Can I trust Token Alerts?

Unlike most companies in this space. Token Alerts is a traditional business, registered and paying taxes in the United Kingdom.

We only accept payment in fiat, via a reputable independent payment processor called Stripe.

As a registered company, our business is subject to the same levels of transparency and accountability as any other mainstream business.

How are you different?

Rather than promote coins, Token Alerts acts as an information service, serving up unmodified market data in an easily digestible fashion.

Unmodified is good because:

- We do not manipulate information to serve anyone's agenda.

- Our data can be validated against other services, such as price charts run by external services.

- We have no vested interest in any coins. We will never promote a coin and anyone claiming to represent Coins About to Moon while promoting a coin is absolutely not telling the truth.

Unmodified is bad because:

- We have no relationship with any coin so cannot vouch for the safety of any of them.

- The sheer volume of coins we track is so large we cannot carry out any reasonable due-diligence.

The way to look at Token Alerts is simply a tool which you can use to uncover opportunities, from which you should perform your own risk assessment.

How can I minimise the risks?

The following steps are advised to provide some (not total) protection against losses. All cryptocurrencies are subject to negative price fluctuations, many of which they never recover from.

Never invest into a coin more than you are willing to lose entirely.
This is the best way to protect yourself.

Monitor your trading behaviour.
Coin trading is addictive and encourages impulsivity. A strong mindset is essential to prevent you losing large sums of money. People susceptible to addictive behaviours should stay clear of coin trading.

Maintain critical thinking.
Community hype and promises of long term utility are almost always lies. Everyone trading on the Binance Smart Chain is in it for fast monetary returns.

Get to know the data.
Did you know that low liquidity coins may post the highest rises but will incur the sharpest drops? Did you know a coin's market cap is very often inflated from an accurate number? Understanding basic token economics will give you an advantage.

Utilise the 'Safety Check' feature and third party tools
In addition to the sense check provided by our own 'Safety Check' feature, you can use (free) or (paid) to analyse contract source code to check for known exploits such as honeypots or rug-pulls.

While strong community and marketing can certainly increase a coin's value and make it more financially sustainable, it does in no way decrease it's likelihood of being a scam.

Be aware that upgrading to Token Alerts Pro does not reduce these risks in any way.

Are the coins listed here safe?

Not always. Trading in coins on the Binance Smart Chain can be extremely lucrative. But the wrong mindset and just a degree of bad luck can make it financially destructive.

Token Alerts identifies potentially profitable opportunities, but does not in any way reduce the risk of losing money.

The risks include: sudden price drops, 'rug pulls' where coin owners steal all funds, honeypot traps (where a coin is coded to accept buys but not sells), misleading promises from coin owners around project ambitions, and many more.

Token Alerts does not do any vetting whatsoever on the coins listed. All will drop dramatically in price at some point and some will be scams.

We have got a 'Safety Check' feature, which you should always use before investing into a coin. The information it provides is for guidance only, and decisions remain at your own risk. We are actively working on enhancing this feature.

You should assume that any investments you make, using Token Alerts or not, can be lost entirely.

What is official Token Alerts info?

If it does not originate from one of these sources, it is not from Token Alerts:

- This website:

- Our Telegram channel reserved only for Pro members, where automated alerts are posted. We do not run any other Telegram, fakes are known to exist.

- Our Twitter account: representative from Coins About to Moon is active in any community, so anyone claiming to represent us in any forum other than these official channels is not telling the truth.

Who is responsible for my trading losses?

By using Token Alerts in any capacity, you are accepting that you and you alone are responsible for any losses incurred.