What's New

We are constantly improving Token Alerts for both free and Pro users. Below is a summary of the key changes we have made to date.

V 2.5

21 May 2022
Early beta release of our API is now available!

Use your API code as documented below, and let us know what you think!


V 2.4

12 May 2022
AVAX has been added.
Lifetime membership for only 3 people is available here. Fair and non-commercial use restrictions apply.

V 2.3

5 May 2022
The affiliate program has been launched. Click here to get 50% commissions from every customer you help sign up for Token Alerts.

V 2.2

29 April 2022
ETH mode has been swapped for a working MATIC mode.

V 2.1

13 November 2021
You can now purchase a Pro subscription using BUSD.

V 2.0

2 September 2021
Introducing 3 new modes:

- Binance mode - covering all mainstream coins and altcoins.
- BSC (Coingecko) mode - a top ten of the BSC tokens verified by Coingecko that look like they are about to break out.
- Ethereum (Coingecko) mode - a top ten of the Ethereumtokens verified by Coingecko that look like they are about to break out.

Switch using the dropdown in the top right!

V 1.14

11 August 2021
Introducing the Leaderboard. A new Pro feature that ranks tokens by how long they have trended that day. This instantly allows you to know which tokens are the ones to watch.

Additionally, there have been speed improvements and bug fixes.

V 1.13

30 July 2021
Coingecko integration now live! Look for the Coingecko tag on eligible tokens.

Tokens listed on Coingecko are much less likely to be scams.

V 1.12

29 July 2021
Our social scanner has been upgraded. More tokens will now carry social tags when social data could be found.

V 1.11

28 July 2021
Watch functionality has launched. Click the bottom right of any token to add it to your watch list. The price is then tracked from the time you started watching, so you can shortlist potential investments.

V 1.10

15 July 2021
Liquidity filters are finally here! You can now filter coins to a specific liquidity level that suits your trading style. Being able to filter out ultra low level coins means we have also been able to make improvements to the algorithm.

V 1.9

6 July 2021
Introducing the Newest Tokens column. Pro users can now catch tokens as soon as they are detected, even before there is a price rise.

V 1.8

5 July 2021
Introducing Filters & Notifications! A huge update. Using these features in combination means you can relax and let us do the hunting for you.

Additionally, there have been some aesthetic improvements around the app.

V 1.7

29 June 2021
Coins About to Moon is now TokenAlerts.co, and has an updated brand and website.

V 1.6

22 June 2021
Introducing the Telegram tracker, where we attempt to monitor the growth of every coin related Telegram group, so you can get an early position in coins yet to launch.

V 1.5

15 June 2021
To make picking likely winners even easier, we now integrations with Reddit, Coinsniper, Twitter and Telegram. Look for the social tags on select coins.

V 1.4

6 June 2021
Coins About to Moon is now a registered company in the United Kingdom.

Continuing our drive to make BSC trading safer, we've launched a pre-alpha version of 'Safety Check', available on all coins, to all users.

V 1.3

3 June 2021
The algorithm speed has doubled. Free users will see tokens as quickly as Pro users did. Pro users will experience a whole new level of speed.

V 1.2

26 May 2021
Coins About to Moon has been redesigned to support mobile devices!

You can now use us inside your favourite dApp such as Trust Wallet, for easy trading wherever you are.

V 1.1

25 May 2021
Coins About to Moon Pro is now available.

Pro provides exclusive access to two major features that are also new: Early Bird and Telegram notifications.

You can learn more here.

V 1.0

23 May 2021
Coins About to Moon 1.0 has launched on Product Hunt!